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D.I.Y. is so easy... Just 3 Simple steps:


1. Install baits.

2. Check baits.

3. Treat the termites in the soil via the bait. The termiticide is applied by any suitably licenced pest controller. Safe, simple, effective and deadly to termites. Read on & we'll prove that:

The Green Termite Bait Systemâ„¢ is...

"The best termite bait system on the Planet!"


Our popular 6 pack.  Value is defined as 'Good price x Effectiveness'

 How the Green Termite Bait System works.


$1,000.00 REWARD

Don't be sorry and buy an inferior or more expensive product without checking with us first. We are absolutely confident you'll agree that the Green Termite Bait System is:

"The best termite bait system in Australia!"

In fact, we offer a $1,000.00 REWARD to anyone who can show us a better "value* for money" commercial termite bait system in Australia!

This is not a stunt but a genuine offer - we know we can't be beat. This challenge to our competitors is now 5 years old and still no takers.

* Value is defined as fair price x effectiveness.

No other termite bait on the market can match our unique design features, so why pay more?




Call Paul for a price to protect you house Paul 0477224806


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