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Why Get An Inspection?
Every year many buildings in Australia are damaged by subterranean termites or other timber pests.  A termite inspection will allow for any timber pest to be identified before considerable damage can be done.

It will also allow for protective or preventative measures to be put in place. Regular pest inspections can potentially save you thousands of dollars worth of damage, as your home is your biggest asset why wouldn’t you have one?

As per Australian Standards, regular, competent inspections are strongly recommended, at least on an annual basis.  More frequent inspections may be recommended where justified.   

What does the inspection cover?

A timber pest inspection identifies timber pests that damage timber. Specifically including subterranean and dampwood termites, borers and wood decay fungi.

The inspection will assess the following:
  • Evidence of timber pests
  • Severity of damage caused by timber pests
  • Susceptibility of building to infestation by timber pests
  • Remedial and protective measures required
  • Further investigations required

How a house is inspected?

A timber pest inspection is usually a non-invasive, visual inspection.  The technician will use a tapper and an electronic moisture metre on all walls of the home and will conduct a visual inspection on all parts of the property.
This includes inspecting the roof space, sub floor space, the fence line, carports or garages, sheds or other structures and all garden areas.  

After a full visual inspection is carried out, the technician may recommend a further invasive inspection be undertaken. This will be completed either by removing an obstruction or by using a Boroscope.  An invasive inspection is only undertaken after further discussion with the client and the technician.

What will I receive from an inspection?

You will receive expert advice on the protection of your home from timber pest attack along with up-to-date information on the current state of your home.  This information will come in a written report sent out in the days after the inspection. 
The report includes the following information:
  • The technician’s findings
  • Any recommendations the technician has for the property
  • A management proposal for any further treatment recommended

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